60×60 Military Army Zoom Ultra HD Binoculars Optics Hunting Camping telescope

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2021-06-15 10.39.08.png2021-06-15 10.31.03.pngSpecification:

Product name:Optical Telescope Binoculars 60X 60 High Clarity 3000M


Material: plastic



Magnification: 60X

Eyepiece diameter:16mm/0.6”

Objective diameter:35mm/1.37”

Field of View: 8mftat/160000m

Objective and green film:yes

Built-in coordinates:yes


Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.0mm

Shuttle mirror: K9

Sheath: rubber skin

Angle: 8.2 degree

Minimum focusing distance: 5.0m

Horizon: 17mm

Relative brightness: 25.00

Water fog: yes

Perfect tool for Sightseeing, Watching Match, Concert and Hunting



1. Do not attempt to clean the Binocular inside or try to remove the Binocular

2. Do not use the telescope to observe the sun directly, this will cause permanent damage to the eyes


Package Included:

1 x Binocular

1 x Cleaning cloth

1 x Storage Bag For Binocular

1x Grab Rope

1 x User Manual



Additional information

Measurement Accuracy

Minimum focusing distance: 5.0m

Measurement Range



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